Africa Energy and Infrastructure Forum and Awards, Atlanta – USA


The Africa Energy and Infrastructure Forum (AEI) is an annual global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. With an agenda that demands a lively debate, providing a balance of C-Suite strategy and real-world tactics, AEI annually brings together several senior-level representatives from governments, utilities, regulators, power developers, financial institutions, technology providers, consultants, law firms and large energy consumers to form partnerships, identify opportunities and proffer solutions to collectively move the industry forward. AEI is organized by African Leadership magazine, and has a loyal following of credible players working in the power space, and a track record of delivering a valuable networking experience.


Surveys have shown that a lack of energy has impeded recent economic growth, by slowing down businesses, reduced productivity and is threatening poverty reduction efforts in Africa. Due to a continued dearth or a total absence of energy stats and information systems on the continent, Africa has continued to trail the rest of the world in the utilization of the abundance of energy sources/resources that freely abound therein.

And while the overall availability and development of the basic infrastructure on the continent can be said to have greatly improved since the turn of the 21 century, it is still deficient in its actual existence. Where infrastructure assets, such as electricity, roads, water and telecommunications ought to have been increased tremendously in production, their availability is still a major source of concern and handicapped in efficiency on the continent hence stalling the economic growth.

This edition of the Africa Energy and Infrastructure Forum with the theme, “Increased Energy Investment; the Future of Africa’s Development”, will address the industry’s most pressing issues, identifying sustainable new potentials within the industry, synergize concepts and ideas, and proffer sustainable solutions; With an agenda that demands a lively debate, providing a balance of C-Suite strategy and real-world tactics, this year’s forum will serve as a vehicle for empowering the private sector through advocacy, sharing business and market information and skills.

Highlight and objectives of the 2017 Africa Energy and Infrastructure Forum include:

To achieve more efficient, coherent and coordinated actions towards increasing  energy access and ensuring energy security for development in Africa;

To accelerate progress through dialogue and partnerships toward the scaling up of investments in the African energy sector;

To inform decision-makers and influence sector policies for scaling up energy infrastructure and services for increased productivity on the continent.

To increase the building of strategic partnerships among key players, and particularly with the private sector for the development, implementation and closing knowledge and financial gaps in energy projects;

To build capacity in innovative knowledge and attain early understanding towards a consensus on emerging key issues in the sector.

Cross-border co-operation and regional integration, unlocking potential opportunities for investments in Africa’s energy and infrastructure to support industrialization.

Who should attend?

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Renewable energy companies
  • Nuclear generation companies
  • Construction and Real Estate companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Energy Generating companies
  • Ministers of Energy, Power & Infrastructure, Policy makers, champions of industry, MD’s and CEO’s of multinational energy and infrastructure companies.

The African Energy and Infrastructure Awards

Over the years, the African Leadership Magazine has honoured organizations and individuals who are dedicated to achieving excellence in the energy and infrastructure industry. Given the key role the industry plays in Africa and the global economy, and its impact on society; we believe that those who are committed to addressing the industry’s most pressing issues, proffering solutions and identifying new and innovative potentials within the industry deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their positive contributions. The Africa Energy and Infrastructure Awards are presented annually at a gala black-tie event on the sidelines of the Africa Energy and Infrastructure Forum.

African Leadership Magazine receives more than 150 nominations each year, from over 27 countries across Africa. The Awards have hosted several energy ministers, national regulators, heads of major energy companies and leading academics and legislators, past and present.

Each Award category has its key criteria against which the judges evaluate each nomination. The African Energy and Infrastructure Awards is a gala black-tie event attended by an average of 250 energy industry executives annually.

African Leadership Magazine

The African Leadership magazine is published by African Leadership UK; a Pan-African flagship leadership-focused publication that focuses on showcasing the best of Africa to a global audience, while evolving solutions to peculiar challenges being faced by the continent. It is read by targeted international investors, business executives, government policy makers and multilateral agencies across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Europe and the US.

The Magazine in the last couple of years has dedicated its platform to entertaining the varying concepts of Energy and Infrastructure on the continent of Africa; a platform that seeks to highlight the diverse developmental challenges that confront national and regional sectors. It serves as an avenue through which in-depth analytical solutions are proffered to the energy and infrastructural sectors of Africa.

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