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South Africa’s Youngest Member of Perliament Seeks To Impact Positive Change

Young, black and driven, that is how Politician Hlomela Bucwa describes herself.

Bucwa is a member of the opposition Democratic Alliance Party and at 24; she’s already started making her mark in Parliament.

In her maiden speech, she accused the government of failing the country’s youth, especially when it comes to education.

Since taking up her seat in Parliament Hlomela commutes between her constituency in the Eastern Cape Province and the City of Cape Town on a weekly basis.

She says she’ll use her new-found political power to fight for the rights of all South Africans, particularly the youth and the poor.

“As a young person, as a young Black South African, who’s come from very hard circumstances, and to find myself at the forefront of making and passing laws, that will have a direct influence on the people within this South Africa, it makes me you know, shake. It gives me an indication of the huge responsibility that I have… I’m really; really excited for what lies ahead and I know it’ll become very difficult.

But more than anything, I’m always, constantly driven by the passion I have to see a better South Africa for all people.” said Hlomela Bucwa, MP, Democratic Alliance

Growing up, Hlomisa dreamt of becoming a doctor or a scientist.

But learning about the injustices of Apartheid in her history class, inspired her to become a lawyer.

Hlomela is doing the final year of her LLB Degree… sits on Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training and has even impressed members of rival political parties.

Hlomisa says she feels humbled and privileged to be the youngest Member of Parliament.

To be able to inspire other young people, fight for free education for the poor… and pave the way for those who will follow in her footsteps.