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Tanzanian President keen on moving political capital from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma


It is rare that a president gets the chance to inspect his new house, but President John Magufuli has been in Dodoma looking at the bricks that will become the country’s new State House.

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has inspected bricks meant for construction of new state house in Dodoma, saying that the move is inspired by his desire to fulfill Tanzania’s founding president Nyerere’s dream, of spreading wealth across the country.

Magufuli told Dodoma residents that he himself will move soon, the surest sign that he is serious about re-locating the Government from country’s biggest city, to one less than half the size nearly 500 kilometres away.

The Government’s move from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma is expected to increase in business for the locals.

President Magufuli told the people of Dodoma that the Government’s move would bring new roads, rail and a vast increase in business for them.

International organisations in Dar es Salaam have said that they will stay put. The problem is that most of the major corporations, embassies, government agencies, experts – not to mention international organisations like the UN and World Bank – are all located here in Dar es Salaam. That might make Tanzania a less attractive investment prospect, with key companies and Government buildings hundreds of kilometres apart.

There are also questions about whether Tanzania can afford this move, which is costing hundreds of millions of dollars, and may cause many civil servants to quit their jobs. But despite all of that, the President it sticking to his campaign pledge, and already more than 2,000 public personnel have made the move.