Ethiopia Launches Online Data Centre


Over the last four years, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) in Ethiopia has been working to develop a new national digital database which has just recently been launched. The database is aimed at reducing and eventually eradicating problems arising from finding information.

The Director General of the data centre, Fisseha Yitagessu has said that the collection of data will follow a very strict process and will be available to be used in conducting a wide variety of informational studies and research.

The centre will help institutions reduce the amount of money spent yearly on book purchases to acquire both print and online copies of the texts, as they would readily be available at the centre. The books at the database centre will also look into providing books to students and researches at no cost.

Fisseha also added that eliminating duplicity of similar research and writing is also one of the aims of the digital database and will also have an importance to policy and decision makers as well educational institutions.

There is also a provision of an application that is available for use both with an internet connection and when offline.

Currently, the database has over a million data units available on the official site and more than 57,000 books available for readers.