Morocco, India Move to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Image: desertmoroccoadventures

As part of efforts to strengthen bilateral relations as well as improve water resources management and development, the governments of Morocco and India recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was today approved by India’s Union Cabinet.

In a statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “The MoU also provides for setting up of a joint working group consisting of equal members from both sides to monitor the activities to be carried out in fulfillment of the MoU”.

The development involves the partnership of both parties to promote reforms and advancement in the aspects of water resources development and management within the framework of their expertise and their respective legislations.

Contained under the MoU includes the bilateral cooperation from conception, realization, and maintenance of the hydraulic infrastructure.

Big dams and water transfer projects, flood and drought management and sustainable development and management of groundwater resources including recharge augmentation.

Harvesting and valuation of rainfall water, resilience, and adaptation to climate and much more.