Mozambique: Construction of Third Sugar Factory Nears Completion

Image: Yukon Service

The director of the District Economic Activity Bureau of Chemba, Emanuel Mandava has disclosed that the construction of the third sugar factory, Eco-Farm Moçambique Lda cane sugar production plant in Sofala which started in April this year will be completed in November.

Sugar production at the plant will commence production immediately the construction is completed and it will involve the procedures of transforming sugarcane into various types of sugar, said the director.

The Mozambique Eco-farm has a massive plantation of sugarcane on 3,490 hectares of land, and the company has decided to reserve a portion of 1,900 for the company’s personal use while the remaining 1,500 will be processed for producing cooperatives, he added.

With the construction of Chemba unit, there will be a total of three sugar factories in Sofala province of Mozambique.