Mozambique: Government Approves 13-Year Master Plan for Risk and Disaster Reduction


A 13-year master plan to reduce the risk of natural disaster in Mozambique has been approved by the Mozambican government.

According to the country’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ana Comoana, the Master Plan for Risk and Disaster Reduction for the period 2017-2030, seeks to avoid disaster risk through increasing resilience to extreme and recurrent climate events.
She told reporters in Maputo after the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet), that the plan falls under the disaster management law passed by the Mozambican parliament in 2014, and on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations for the period 2015-2030.

The plan “prioritizes sustainable management of natural events, training and professionalizing those involved in this, an organization of the territory as a crucial question, and monitoring,” she added.