New Cricket Coach Pledges to Advance the Game

Image: IOL

New Proteas coach Ottis Gibson in his first press conference says he is dedicated to taking the Cricket game in South Africa to the next level.

Ottis Gibson who was confirmed SA head coach a few weeks ago said he was ‘aware’ of the transformation issues and his selection of players and the technical team will be a continuation of what he has found in place until he is able to appoint his own technical team which will be after the Bangladesh series if the present technical team do not support his coaching philosophy.

“As far as team selection is concerned‚ we will continue on the path that we are on at the moment.

“I have been given the backing of CSA to pick what I consider to be the best people to take the team where I want it to be forward.”

“With the support staff, cricket is not like football where when the manager gets fired‚ the person who comes in brings a whole new support staff and backroom‚ and even a new media person.

“I am very aware that I have a game in two weeks which does not give me a lot of time to go and pick people.

“The guys who are here are part of the team that took (SA) to number one in the world and they know the players very well.

“What I have decided along with the CSA is to keep the people who are here for now so that it gives me time to assess until the end of the Bangladesh series‚” he concluded.