North Korea Threatens U.S after Sanction over Nuclear Test

Image: VOAnews

North Korea has ignored U.S sanction following a nuclear test activity and threatens to make the U.S suffer great pain.

President Donald Trump said the sanctions were deliberated on and concluded upon by the 15-member U.N. Security Council, adding that it was a small step taken to put an end to North Korea’s nuclear program.

The sanctions included

  • Prohibiting any country from authorizing new work permits for North Korean workers, another key source of hard currency for the Pyongyang regime;
  • Cutting a third of North Korea’s oil imports, which Haley called the “life blood” of its efforts to build and deliver a nuclear weapon;
  • reducing by more than half, the country’s gas, diesel and heavy fuel oil imports, while completely banning the import of natural gas and other oil substitutes;
  • Banning North Korea’s textile exports – currently its second most lucrative industry — which Haley said would cost Pyongyang almost $800 million a year.

The North’s Foreign Ministry said the resolutions were an infringement on its legitimate right to self-defense and aimed at “completely suffocating its state and people through full-scale economic blockade”.

In the same vein, the North’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Han Tae Song, said Pyongyang was “ready to use a form of ultimate means”.

“The forthcoming measures … will make the U.S. suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history,” Han said.