PAWA to Honour Zimbabwean Writer

David Mungoshi

One of Zimbabwe’s most prolific writers, David Mungoshi, receives the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) Patron of the Arts Award and the PAWA Honorary Membership Award for his contribution to the development of Africans and African Literature.

In his works, he writes about the everyday lives of Zimbabweans and the issues they face on a daily basis. His book “75 Bags” is based on revitalizing the quality of tired out soil and improving agriculture in Zimbabwe.

The PAWA Secretary-General, Atukwei Okai, said the award will be given as part of the celebration of the 24th International African Writers Day and the 28th Anniversary of the PAWA Life Time Achievements Awards to be held on November 5-7 in Accra, where a select number of African writers will also be presented with PAWA Honorary Membership Awards.