Rwanda: President Kagame Thanks Nation after Referendum Favouring Him



Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame thanked the nation on Monday for voting in a referendum last week of which 98 percent overwhelmingly backed constitutional changes allowing him seek re-election for another seven-year term in 2017, followed by two five-year terms afterwards, if he wishes.
Kagame has been president since 2000 but he has effectively been in control since his rebel force marched into Kigali to end the 1994 genocide. The change would allow him stay until 2034, if he chooses.
“When the time comes to transfer responsibility from one public servant to another, Rwandans already have confidence that it will be done in an orderly and harmonious manner,” Kagame said in a state of the nation address.
“No individual is forever, but there is no term limit on values, institutions, or progress,” he said to an audience of Rwandan officials and others who applauded and cheered. Foreign diplomats also attended
He thanked those who took part in the vote whether they voted “yes” or “no”.”We stand up for these propositions without hesitation and undaunted by reproach. The results are undeniable and the historical context is unforgettable at least to us Rwandans,” he said.
Kagame, 58, had said any decision on re-election would happen after the vote, without giving a specific timeliness.


  1. Incredible, must be reading this in my dream, even the best knows how and when to quit, when the ovation is loudest at least, are we ever going to embrace civilization and say no to mediocrity, gallant entry into Kiagali turns to gallant self perpetuating adulation and must be robbed into our faces, meaning winner takes all

    For the purpose of this argument, Rwandans voted 100% “Yes”, therefore, should there be non other fit and cable to take over reign of governance for progress and onward march to the promised land, even the Biblical Moses was relieved, shall we say it is a case of unrelieved competence or unavailable competence

    Paul Kagame might as well be in saddle of power for ever for life

    Report from Kigali indicated good stewardship, however, that should not be liberty for perpetuation of self in power, no excuse for it, the ideal option might have been, gradual tutelation for grooming of a transition for takeover by another bright

    2000 TO 2017, WITH OPTION OF ADDITIONAL TWO FIVE YEARS TERM, if he so desire, what insulting calculation, to mental sagacity, most incomprehensible, please save us the perception of intrinsic attributable black incompetence


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