Tanzania, China Commences Co-operation on Wildlife Conservation


During the  China-Tanzania forum on wild life conservation and tourism development held  recently in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam; Tanzania and Chinese officials as well as diplomats assure closer co-operation in wild-life  conservation; the officials and diplomats hailed the already  existing co-operation in wildlife conservation.

According  to Gaudence Milanzi, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources  and Tourism, Tanzania looks at China as an important partner in conservation.  Since it is evident that the future of wildlife conservation depends on, the  solidarity of different players in planning and implementing measures to fight  against poaching.

Hu Zhengyue, the Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association which co-hosts the event with the Tanzania Tourist Board and the  Chinese embassy in Tanzania, said China was very concerned with protection of  wildlife and also committed to conservation.

The concern can be seen in the ban on ivory trade in various markets in China. Xu  Chen, Minister-Counselor of Chinese embassy in Tanzania added that the Chinese  government cooperated actively with the international community on wildlife conservation.

China has also donated container inspection facilities to Tanzania in order to improve  inspection capacity on wildlife product trafficking. As China and Tanzania  spare no effort to advocate for wildlife conservation, they also educate their various communities, on the importance of  raising awareness on wild life protection.