World Bank unveils $16b Climate Business Plan for Africa



THE World Bank Group has unveiled a new plan that calls for $16 billion in funding to help African people and countries adapt to climate change and build up the continent’s resilience to climate shocks.

Titled “Accelerating Climate-Resilient and Low-Carbon Development,” the Africa Climate Business Plan, in a statement tracked from Online Media Briefing Centre (OMBC), will be presented at COP21, the global climate talks in Paris, on November 30.‬

The plan lays out measures to boost the resilience of the continent’s assets – its people, land, water, and cities – as well as other moves including boosting renewable energy and strengthening early warning systems.

“Sub-Saharan Africa is highly vulnerable to climate shocks, and our research shows that could have far-ranging impact on everything from child stunting and malaria to food price increases and droughts,” said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim.


  1. Global warming is the thraetening catastrophic phenomenon which is going to strike the world particularly the poor and developing nations its going to destroy peoples’ settlements we appreciate the contribution and Supportive role of the WORLD BANK


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