Additional Nine Abducted Children Return Home Safely


The negotiation effort to rescue the children abducted from Gambella Regional State by the Murle ethnic group is progressing successfully, according to the Deputy Chief Administrator of the state.

Additional nine children from among the 125 children kidnapped have returned home today. This will bring the total number of children rescued to 53.

Since the cross-border kidnapping, which took place on April 15, 2016, the Ethiopian and South Sudanese governments have collaboratively succeed in tracking down the culprits to rescue the children.

Deputy Chief Administrator Ulero Opiyew said negotiation has proved useful as it has become possible to safely bring back the kidnapped children back home.

He stated that the peace effort will continue to return all the kidnapped children and looted cattle.

Representative of the Army of the Government of South Sudan said on his part the integrated effort of the governments is bearing fruit.

Source: Reuters


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