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African Regulatory Agencies Forum, London UK

African Regulatory Agencies Forum, London UK

22 – 26 AUGUST 2019 



Theme: The Future of Regulation: Adopting Disruptive and Innovative Standards and Frameworks in Governmental Systems


Regulations pervade all sectors of economic activities. Ensuring proper regulatory frameworks and management, and improving the quality of the regulatory stock as well as of new regulations becomes an important concern for public officials.

For many firms, governmental interaction is expansive, influencing the conduct of business and industry structure. The regulatory climate is always changing but not eliminated government intervention. In such regulated environments, successful business strategy requires an understanding of the goals of regulatory involvement and the specifics of regulatory ambitions per time. Also,in the wake of the Intra-African Continental Trade Agreement, Standards and Regulatory authorities across Africa must synergize to ensure a future ready Regulatory system.Regulators in Africa, who are the visible hands of government, in the form of a regulatory scheme, must therefore play prominent and innovative roles in the development and interactions with the invisible hands of market forces to ensure the overall success of the state and its stakeholders.

Consequently, senior regulatory professionals in all sectors must prepare themselves and their teams for a radical new regulatory landscape to align with the ever-changing realities of today’s world. As roles may change, requiring new personal competencies, management structures and improved regulatory oversight; this summit becomes an essential forum to engage innovative and contemporary best practices in the regulatory environment.

Moreover, as enterprises today face unprecedented threat (and opportunities) from digital disruption, data explosion, and heightened customer expectations, regulatory process works and how decisions are made must evolve and prepare regulators for further disruptions.

In view of this, The African Leadership UK has designed a five (5) day intensive masterclass that will bring together regulatory professionals across the Continent, operating across a spectrum of regulatory disciplines, in an innovative educational experience and a thought shaping experience.


The Masterclass provides an overview of innovative, up to date thinking around regulatory reform principles and practice to enhance operational systems. It is an in-depth study from the experiences of international experts and illustrates how such experiences can help African Regulators improve the sector performance and enhance the effectiveness of the delivery of services.



  • Regulatory professionals across the Continent
  • Heads of standards organizations across Africa
  • Stakeholders in Government
  • Academic researchers and scholars
  • Key heads of International Regulatory Authorities



Hilton London Metropole, 225 Edgware Rd, Paddington, London W2 1JU, UK


For more information on participation, please contact our office, as shown below –

African Leadership (UK)Limited

Portsmouth Technopole, Kingston Crescent

Portsmouth, PO2 8FA

United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 7459 647093, +44 7464 350969; 




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  • July 21, 2019