Impeding Water Crisis to Hit Nigeria by 2020, NAH Warns

Image: Newsroom

The president of Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH), Ehidiamhen Olumese, has disclosed that Water crisis may hit Nigeria by 2020 if measures are not put in place to attend to the poor management of groundwater basins.

He made this assertion after the association’s National Executive Meeting held recently in Ilorin, Kwara state while addressing a group of journalists.

According to the president, the groundwater level is going down and there are also lots of problems including the high level of the sinking of boreholes, most of which are as a result of projects executed without consultation of experts and professionals.

One of the examples is the Lake Chad’s shrinking which the NAH president proclaimed to cause unemployment soon.

The president has proffered the solution of acquiring hydrological data and systematic study of basin aquifers to avoid the crisis. He further stressed the importance of updating and full implementation of the National Water Resources Master Plan.