A celebrated American Civil rights leader and leading humanitarian, Dr. Joseph Henry Beasley is the founder of the Joe Beasley Foundation and the Southern Regional Director, of Rainbow/PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) – an organization founded by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.

Upon retirement from the US Airforce, after 21 years of active service, Dr. Beasley has dedicated his life towards tackling issues of equal justice, eradication of poverty, and economic development for the developing world. Beasley worked with the African National Congress to register voters for the 1994 election that swept Nelson Mandela into power; served as a monitor in Haiti during that nation’s second democratically held election in 1995; and made a high impact visit to Zambia after its contested 2002 presidential election, helping to protect and entrench democracy in that country. Beasley was also engaged in the challenge of redistricting Georgia’s congressional boundaries to increase African American representation in the United States Congress.

Dr. Beasley is also the president of African Ascension, an organization he formed to develop economic and political ties throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. Beasley has also served as a board member of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City; Afronet in Lusaka, Zambia; Afrobras in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Christ Institute in Atlanta; and is Chairman of both the Benedita de Silva International Foundation, and the Asian American Center, both in Atlanta, Georgia. The library at Zumbi dos Palmares College in Sao Paulo, Brazil is named in Beasley’s honor. He is a recipient of several awards and was recently presented with an honorary Doctorate degree by a leading faith-based
university in Georgia. Dr. Beasley has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and numerous other newspapers, periodicals, and magazines as well as on CNN and other major American television networks.

He brings to the International Advisory Board of the African Leadership over 50 years of public service experience in the US, and across the globe, especially connecting the African- American Community to the continental Africa.