Kenya Power Launches Customer Service Centres To Improve All-Round Services

Kenya Power, a power utility company has launched new customer service centers dubbed ‘Power Clinics’ to improve service delivery and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Power Clinics will function for the next three months in tents located near or inside Company’s banking halls across the country.

They will be coordinated by senior customer service officers and will be mainly involved in resolving customer issues on meter reading, billing and delayed connections. Customers will also be educated on the new harmonized electricity tariff and get to understand the various initiatives the Company is undertaking to improve the quality of electricity supply.

“We are creating an opportunity for customer issues to be examined and permanent solutions sought. We want to delight our customers through excellent service and this is the beginning of achieving that,” said Eng. Aggrey Machasio, Ag. General Manager for Customer Service and Regional Coordination.

He also explained that the Company will review feedback from customers in October to determine the structure of future Clinics.

Customer satisfaction is one of the milestones that Kenya Power is aiming to achieve in the medium term through an action plan that seeks to address complaints frequently raised by customers on the quality of services offered by the Company.

In addition to Power Clinics, the Company is also focused on improving the quality of electricity supply to customers through addressing challenges affecting the distribution infrastructure.