Mozambique: AFAP Organizes Food Security Talk for 28 African Countries

Image: Chronicles

The African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) has organized a three-day conference which will hold in Mozambique.

According to a recent statement, Mozambique will be hosting 300 visitors from 28 different countries in the East and Southern Africa fertilizer and agribusiness leaders’ meeting from 9-11 of October, to discuss how to boost regional food security and prosperity.

The event has a joint sponsorship of AFAP and the Commodities Research Unit, a leading, independent global, metals, mining and fertilizers analysis, consultancy and conference business group.

Also part of the details of the statement revealed the contribution of the CEO of CRU, Nicola Coslett saying that “The leaders of fertilizer production and trade from across the region will all be participating in discussions. They will be joined by representatives of the development and investment community such as the African Development Bank, AGRA, One Acre Fund and the Alliance for Commodity Trade in East and Southern Africa (ACTESA).”

The conference aims to discuss the issue of severe hunger in Africa and preferring a lasting solution that will benefit Africa and curb food shortage.