Somalia: AU Opens New Turkish Base In Mogadishu

Image: Daily Mail

African Union mission in Somalia has opened a new Turkish military base in Mogadishu to train thousands of troops for the Somali National Army.

The new Turkish Base in Somalia was commissioned to enable the Somali National Army to maintain security and fight off Islamist militant group al-Shabab.

After one year, the African Union mission in Somalia plans to withdraw 1,500 soldiers from the country, to discourage Somalia’s dependence on outside troops to maintain peace and security in the country. But this action will only be taken after the troops have been trained hence the opening of the new Turkish Military base.

Former director of Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency says the Turkish training base is Somalia’s best opportunity to acquire a unified, effective army.

“This has to be the factory that produces the security forces, to enable the reintegration of a balanced army and to equip them before they are put to the operation,” he says.