South Africa: Govt Allocates US $6m to Tackle Drought in Western Cape

Image: climate central

A sum of $6m has been set aside by the South African government to tackle tenacious drought in the Western Cape.

The issues of drought in Cape Town have lingered for too long and the residents seem to have lost hopes in recovering their lives back in terms of water usage. The persistent droughts have caused all individuals in the city to live in the bondage of water conservation.

Even with the availability of funds released by the government, the Cabinet is still insisting that all South African should continue with the process of water conservation on a daily basis.

Despite the rains and diverse measures put in place to help portable water availability in the city, the water levels are on a steady decline.

However, the Cabinet hopes that a final and lasting solution will be provided through the support granted by the government and they expressed their gratitude to all South Africans who have heeded the call to save water and also urged others to follow suit for their benefit.