Uganda: Eastern Province Petitions Kenya High Court

Image: Kenyan Herald

Uganda’s pre-independence Abaluhya Community now known as the (Eastern Province of Uganda) has sent petitioners Mathew Okwanda Mwilitsa and Alex Misigo Matisa to plead with Kenya high court to allow them to hold a referendum so as to determine their rights to nationality, territorial integrity, economic, social and culture as a people.

The petitioners claim that their community was divided and then given British East African Protectorate in 1962 without their consent and they demand reparation from the United Kingdom and will be suing Kenya and Uganda for dividing their people.

“The merger of the former Eastern Province of Uganda with the British East Africa Protectorate was illegal, and the same violated the United Nations Charter and the United Nations Governing Assembly Resolution No. 1514 (XV) of 14th December 1960. The petition reads.

“The Government of the United Kingdom by design failed to resolve the Abaluhya Question when it was in a position to do so before granting independence to the British East Africa Protectorate, and therefore liable to pay reparations for the anguish and sorrow suffered by the said community to date,” it added.